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9 Kosher Restaurants in Los Angeles You NEED to Try

Best Kosher Restaurants: LA Edition

Try these awesome kosher restaurants in Los Angeles; there are all different types of cuisine to choose from. If you’re in the mood for Mexican food, we’e got you covered. Craving carbs? You can be on the way to pizza and pasta in no time at all. And of course, there is an abundance of Mediterranean and Israeli food options.

kosher restaurants in los angeles

1. Hasiba 

If you’re in the mood for hummus, falafel, sabich, or shakshuka, look no further. Hasiba might just be the best in Los Angeles – and I am well aware just how bold a claim that is. It even gets the stamp of approval from Israelis who have moved to LA.  Hasiba is located on Pico Boulevard in the heart of Pico-Robertson, and is certified kosher (pareve) by Kosher LA. It’s street parking only, but you can usually find a metered spot and not have to search for too long. 

2. Ta-eem Grill 

Ta-eem Grill is probably the most reviewed Kosher restaurant in Los Angeles . It’s located on Melrose, equidistant between Farifax and La Brea. The chicken shawarma sandwich on a baguette is a solid option or you can get the chicken shawarma plate loaded with meat, cucumber salad, hummus, all the proper fixings. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options as well. Ta-eem Grill is certified kosher by the Rabbinical Council of California. 

3. Shalom Pizza

If you are looking for a new favorite kosher dairy spot, and not in the mood for Mediterranean food, Shalom Pizza serves deliciously fresh pizzas and pastas. And while their traditional cheese pizza is quite tasty, they also have really unique specialty pizza combinations that are fan favorites. More specifically, you’ll need to seriously consider the Alfredo Pizza, Tostada Pizza, and Mac n’ Cheese Pizza. They also have a smattering of Mexican food options as well including Nachos Supreme and Crispy Fish Tacos. Shalom Pizza is also located on Pico Boulevard in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood. 

falafel pita sandwiches

4. PSY Street Kitchen and PSY on Pico

Come for the kosher burger and you’ll leave entirely satisfied. More specifically, try the Kebab burger, falafel burger, or the lamb burger with some sloppy joe fries or cauliflower fries on the side. Chef Uzi Wizman and the team first opened PSY Street Kitchen on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. The kosher food was such a hit that she partnered with her childhood friend, Avi Alkobi, to open a second kosher restaurant, PSY on Pico which is located on Pico Boulevard, of course. 

5. Tel Aviv Grill

If you are looking for delicious kosher Mediterranean food in the San Fernando Valley, then you’ll need to hit up any of Tel Aviv Grill’s FIVE valley locations. Yes, the food is that good that the owners were able to open up so many spots. You order up at the counter and it can be a little intimidating if you aren’t Middle Eastern to know what all of the sides are and whether you want them or not. My suggestion would be to take your best guess and experiment pending any food allergies of course. The food is just that good that even if you don’t know what you’re getting with your chicken shawarma pita, you do know that it is going to be extremely tasty. An important note: the Tarzana location is actually Tel Aviv Fish Grill, a spin off on their meat restaurants. Consequently, the location has a very different, but just as delicious, menu than the others. You’ll also need to hit up Tel Aviv Fish Grill, for their all-day shakshuka breakfast. I know it sounds like an odd request, but trust that it will be one of the best breakfasts you’ve ever had. 

6. Habayit

Where else would Habayit be located but on Pico Boulevard! Habayit is a family owned and operated restaurant serving mediterranean, kosher fare.  Choose from any of these standout dishes like grilled or fried chicken schnitzel, falafel sandwich, and eggplant baba ganoush, And, the thing that gets me most excited about Habayit is the fact that they also serve matzo ball soup, the best Jewish comfort food. Where else would Habayit be located but on Pico Boulevard!

kosher shakshuka

7. Lenny’s Casita

Craving Kosher mexican food? Lenny’s Casita has you covered! It’s actually a cloud kitchen located in Los Angeles, so you will need to satisfy your cravings by ordering for delivery from apps like Postmates, Door Dash, Uber Eats, etc. Try the Kosher Crunchwrap Supreme – it’s a must – and if you want an appetizer, order the cauliflower, potato empanada, or short rib tacos. To order delivery, you’ll need to be within a certain number of miles of the ghost kitchen which is currently on Pico Boulevard; it varies depending on the app but you can usually order if you are within five miles. 

8. Salateam

Venture out to Tarzana in the San Fernando Valley for some fantastic salad and sandwiches at Salateam. It’s fast-casual dining experience is similar to Simply Salad, Chop Stop, or Sweetgreen where you can choose from prepared salads or make your own from a wide range of ingredients like roasted eggplant, red quinoa, boiled egg, pumpkin seeds, etc. . Salateam is certified kosher by Shuva Israel. They also have catering options for office meetings and events. 

9. Pat’s Restaurant and Catering

Pat’s Restaurant and Catering is an upscale, kosher steakhouse located on Pico Boulevard. It’s one of the few kosher fine dining sit-down experiences in Los Angeles. Plan on consuming large portions of steaks and pastas, and choosing from an extensive wine and cocktail list. And whatever you do, don’t forget to pre-order the bread pudding for dessert! Pat’s kosher certificate is clearly displayed on their website should you have any questions.

Is your favorite LA kosher restaurant on this list? If not, let us know yours in the comments below! And, be sure to check out more content on the BMA blog!

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