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Family Hanukkah Pajamas You Need in 2023

Match in Family Hanukkah Pajamas {2023}

We all love a good matching family Hanukkah pajama set. But, here’s the truth of the matter. The pickings are slim. And, that’s kind of surprising because Hanukkah pajamas are a pretty hot commodity. With that said, I have scoured the internet for all of the best options and I am here to break them down for you. Just make sure that you buy early so your favorites don’t sell out! 

If you don’t feel like reading the post, the matching family Hanukkah pajama winners in 2023 are Carter’s Hanukkah 100% Snug Fit Cotton Pajamas, Target’s Bring Light to this Night, Dreidel Spinning Bright Matching Family Pajamas, Hanna Andersson’s Matching Hanukkah Long John Pajamas and Etsy’s Personalized Menorah Matching Family Hanukkah Pajamas. If your family wants a staple pair of high-quality Hanukkah pjs to wear time and time again, then either of these sets should be your go-to.

I should also point out that if you aren’t trying to match with the whole family and just get some fun pajamas for your toddler or your kids, there are a few more Chanukah pajama options to choose from. I will include those here in this post as well.

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Target Holiday Pajamas

Women’s Holiday Hanukkah Print Matching Family Pajama Set

Men’s Hanukkah Pajama Set

Kids’ Holiday Hanukkah Print Matching Family Pajama Set 

Toddler’s Hanukkah Print Matching Set

Baby Holiday Hanukkah Print Matching Family Footed Pajama

Dog and Cat Hanukkah Family Pajama Set

I am pleased to report that Target has stepped up their game in more ways than one the past few years. Not only did they release the Hanukkah pajamas early this year, but they are very size inclusive. Men’s sizes include Big and Tall options and women’s sizes are up to 4x. They have kids sizes from 4-12, toddler sizes from 12 months to 3T, and baby sizes from 3-6m and 6-9m. And, they’ve even remembered to include a matching bandana set for your family dog and/or cat.

Target also provides a nice description of the pajamas that you will be purchasing. The bright blue PJ print showcases graphics of dreidels and gelt coins. The Hanukkah pajamas are made from 100% cotton and so far, the reviews have all been really great. They are known for being super soft and cozy and wash well.

Don’t forget this hack when purchasing your Hanukkah pjs at Target this year! Buy early so your families’ sizes don’t run out, even if the pajamas are not on sale yet. Target offers a Holiday Price Match Guarantee where you can receive a price adjustment for the items through December!

Hanna Andersson Matching Family Pajamas

Hanukkah Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton

Adult Long John Top in Organic Cotton and Adult Long John Pant in Organic Cotton

Baby Zip Sleeper In Organic Cotton

Women’s Long John Top in Organic Cotton and Women’s Long John Pant in Organic Cotton

Pet Johns in Organic Cotton

Thank you Hanna Andersson for making a classy set of Hanukkah pajamas for the WHOLE family in TWO different colorways – classic menorah and rainbow menorah! Hanna Andersson are the original holiday pajamas and they are made with non-toxic, 100% organic OEKO-TEX certified cotton. The cotton material is soft, thick, and incredibly comfortable. These are well-made and should last for years.

There is a unisex option for adults as well as an option for women. Both of these sets have the top and pants sold separately. The women’s size is a little more slim fitting than the unisex version and the women’s pant has a drawstring tie at the waist. The unisex version, on the other hand, has an elasticated waist. The kids pajamas come sold as a set and the baby pajama is a onesie.The kid’s sizing on Hanna Andersson is also more accurate because it’s based off height, not age.

You’ll want to buy these early because the Hanukkah pajamas will sell out when Hanna Andersson does their 50% sales.

And don’t forget to match your pet too!

Carter’s Hanukkah Pajamas

Adult 2-Piece Hanukkah 100% Snug Fit Cotton PJs

Kid 2-Piece Hanukkah 100% Snug Fit Cotton PJs

Toddler 2-Piece Hanukkah 100% Snug Fit Cotton PJs

Baby 2-Piece Hanukkah 100% Snug Fit Cotton PJs

After the “”Gimel” snafu a few years back – the letter was written backwards – Carter’s seems to have switched to a menorah theme. I love the print on these, so props to them for making strides. These cute PJs are also 50% off (!!!) which make them a very reasonable price point if you are buying matching Hanukkah pajamas for the entire family. You’ll also get free shipping if you spend $35 or more.

The pjs are 100% cotton and feature an elastic waistband with ribbed cuffs and neckline. Kohl’s also carries some of the Carter’s pajamas, so be sure to compare pricing and check on the Kohl’s website if they are sold out of your size on Carters.

Etsy Hanukkah Pajamas

Personalized Menorah Matching Family Hanukkah Pajamas

Hanukkah Family Splatter Paint Pajamas Chanukah 2023

Etsy has a wide variety of Hanukkah pajamas to choose from, so be sure to check out GiftsfortheGirls, EdgarRae Apparel, ChosenThreads Apparel, and TwinkleTwinkleTees shop. All of the reviews for the Hanukkah pajamas in these shops are incredible and the description of the items are very detailed, so you know exactly what you are getting.

There are a variety of color ways for the personalized pajamas – I’ve seen both blue and gray offered at the GiftsfortheGirls store – so you’ll have to decide as a family which color to choose. These are made to order, so you will need to purchase a couple of weeks in advance of Hanukkah.

The Children’s Place

Unisex Adult Matching Family Glow Let It Glow Pajamas

Unisex Kids Matching Family Glow Let It Glow Snug Fit Cotton Pajamas

Unisex Baby And Toddler Matching Family Glow Let It Glow Matching Family Pajamas

Hanukkah pajamas from Children’s Place are usually the first to sell out every year because of their cute prints and amazing sales – we are talking 50 to 60 percent off! And this year is no exception. I love how bold the pajamas are this year but don’t know if I love that the year is included in such a large font. However, glow in the dark is such a fun touch especially given that the message “Let it Glow” is written across the front of the PJ top. The pajamas are made of 100% rib-knit cotton, have an elasticized waistband, a tagless shirt label, and cuffs on the sleeves and legs.

Macy’s Hanukkah Pajamas

Matching Women’s Hanukkah Family Pajama Set

Matching Women’s Plus Size Hanukkah Family Pajama Set

Matching Men’s Hanukkah Pajama Set, Created for Macy’s

Matching Toddler, Little & Big Kids 2-Pc. Hanukkah Printed Family Pajama Set

Matching Baby Hanukkah Printed Footed Family Pajama

Matching Pet Hanukkah Bandana

The Hanukkah pajamas from Macy’s are a crewneck top with long sleeves and long pants with an elastic waist. They are made of a cotton/polyester material and have a menorah print. Menorah’s seem to be the prevailing Jewish symbol this year for all of the matching Hanukkah pajamas. Macy’s also has your dog covered and offers Hanukkah pajamas for women in plus sizes, which we love.

Old Navy Hanukkah Pajamas

Unisex Printed Pajama Set for Kids

Matching Holiday Print Flannel Pajamas Set for Men

Matching Printed Flannel Pajama Set for Women

Unisex Matching Print Pajama Set for Toddler & Baby

Old Navy is giving us two different fabric styles this Hanukkah season. There are unisex printed PJ sets that are made from soft-washed twill which has a flannel-like look and feel and crew neck sets which are made from 100% cotton. Personally, I’m obsessed with flannel – does anyone else sleep on flannel sheets year round? – so I’ll have to try to convince my family members to choose these pjs this year.

Old Navy’s pajamas have a menorah print with some snowflake motifs displayed across the set.

Little Sleepies Hanukkah Pajamas

Hanukkah Lights & Love Two Piece Pajama Set

Looking for quality? These are your sets for 2023. The brand Little Sleepies prides themselves on the materials used to make their pajamas. More specifically, they use “buttery soft, stretchy custom-milled Lunaluxe™ bamboo viscose that’s gentle on sensitive or eczema-prone skin.”

These particular family matching Hanukkah pajamas feature a whole host of Hanukkah decor including twinkling menorahs, spinning dreidels, and sufganiyot. So cute!

Burt’s Bees Hanukkah Pajamas

Light the Menorah Matching Family Pajamas

Their chapstick is an absolute staple, so the pajamas have to be luxurious too, right? These PJS are made from organic cotton and have an artistic hand-painted menorah pattern. The print is adorable and the material is super soft. Don’t forget to use their sale codes for additional money off!

Gap Hanukkah Pajamas

Hanukkah Print Pajama Pants

Kids 100% Organic Cotton Hanukkah Print PJ Set

babyGap Hanukkah PJ Set

babyGap 100% Organic Cotton Hanukkah Print PJ Onesie

2022 Update: They got it together!!!! 2023: Not so much 🙁

I absolutely love the quality and print of these Gap Hanukkah pajamas but am having trouble finding a pair of the PJ pants for women. These are so classy and tasteful and made from 100% cotton. I’m seriously in love. I’m hoping that some of the women can fit into the men’s PJ pants. But let’s make these matching family pajamas gender neutral next year, Gap!

Amazon Hanukkah Pajamas

Amazon’s family pajama options are grim. It’s honestly quite surprising that they don’t have a ton of cute pjs. But, inventory is low on the items they do have so while you might find some cute Hanukkah pjs in a couple of kids sizes, it will be incredibly lucky if you could find sizes in stock for the whole family. I will include a few of the cutest Chanukah pj options and maybe it will work out!

Supmatchy Family Hanukkah Matching Clothes Sets

Sara’s Prints Unisex Kids Long John Pajamas

Unique Baby Boy I Love You Latke Hanukkah Outfit 

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matching family Hanukkah pajamas

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