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Timeless Jewish Wedding Gifts Ideas for the Happy Couple

Traditional + Personalized Jewish Wedding Gifts Ideas

If you’re attending a Jewish wedding, there are a wide variety of gifts you can choose from to give to the happy couple. Along with traditional wedding gifts like dinner plates, champagne flutes, and instant pots, there are Judaica pieces and Jewish art to consider as well. But there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to giving Jewish wedding gifts to a couple. 

Does the couple have a registry? If so, purchasing a gift from it will surely please them. Check to see if there are any Judaica pieces listed on the registry and confirm that nobody has already purchased the item that you had in mind. 

When choosing a Jewish wedding gift, make sure that the couple could use more than one of these items. The wedding couple simply does not need 15 tzedakah boxes. A mezuzah, for example, could be hung on any of the doorposts of the newlywed’s home or a beautiful Shabbat tablecloth like the ones from Broderies de France could be switched out with another tablecloth depending on the week.

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Judaica Gifts for Wedding

The Oak Street Collection by Kate Spade

Any of the pieces from Kate Spade’s Judaica collection would make a perfect Jewish wedding gift. The items are all made from porcelain and are composed of vibrant colors which change ever so slightly with a new release. The Oak Street Collection typically has a seder plate, kiddush cup, candlesticks, and menorah to choose from. Personally, I am partial to the seder plate. I think it is an absolute standout decor piece for a Passover seder table.

Oak Street Seder Plate with Bowl 

Oak Street Menorah

Oak Street Shabbat Candlesticks 

Oak Street Kiddush Cup

Check these items out on Kate Spade | Amazon | Bloomingdales

Michael Aram Judaica

Michael Aram’s Judaica collection is so extensive that you would think Aram himself is Jewish. But he, in fact, is an American Armenian designer with his flagship store on Robertson in Los Angeles, California. Aram’s innovative, handmade designs are widely recognized in the Jewish world, and will stun any wedding gift recipient. 

The important thing to note when gifting a Michael Aram is that his pieces are all typically a part of various collections. Nature is his muse, so each of the collections begin with names inspired by various natural surroundings like pomegranate, wisteria, and orchids. If you know the bride and groom already have pieces from a specific collection, it would probably make sense to purchase another Judaica item from that collection. Otherwise, you can help them start a collection or find a piece that isn’t part of any collection. 

Check these items out on Michael Aram | Amazon | Bloomingdales

When in doubt, I have found that Bloomingdales has an incredible array of Judaica pieces. Find a designer that you like or a piece that you think would be perfect for the Jewish couple, and then you can compare prices on other websites or purchase from a local Judaica store.

David Fisher Laser Cut Artwork

David Fisher has modernized paper cutting by creating beautiful works of art using laser cut technology.  A graphic designer born in Jerusalem, Fisher cuts designs into paper and parchment. These pieces are framed and ready to be given as a memorable Jewish wedding gift. Fisher has his large collection available on Etsy and there is free shipping. If you are interested in giving this art as a wedding gift, I would look most closely at his home blessing pieces, hamsa papercut art, and most especially, any of the personalized romantic paper cuts.

Check this outwork out on Etsy | Amazon

Broderies de France Tablecloth

These tablecloths are stunning works of art and if you decide to give one as a Jewish wedding gift, I expect that the couple will use it over and over again throughout their lifetime. While there are tablecloths available for all of the various Jewish holidays, I would recommend purchasing one that could be used at multiple times throughout the year. It’s a tough call though because the Red Sea Passover tablecloth is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. 

My favorites for wedding gifts include the Hamsa tablecloth in gold and the Shalom Aleichem tablecloth.

Check these items out on Etsy | Amazon

Do you have any other timeless Jewish wedding gifts ideas? Let us know in the comments below! And, don’t forget to check out the other posts on the BMA blog! 

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