Passover Table Decorations

Passover Table Decorations: Beautiful Seder Decor

Along with the staple pieces everyone has at their Passover seder– seder plate, Elijah’s cup, matzah cover, etc. — it’s fun to jazz up your seder decor with some elegant and fun Passover table decorations. Whether you are going with classic Jewish colors — blue and white themed — a trendy neutrals vibe, or creating a vibrant seder set in the midst of the Red Sea, there are some incredible table place settings available. We’ve curated a list of some of the stand out pieces based on those three themes. If you have any other Passover table decoration ideas or if you are a vendor yourself, please share your favorite decor items in the comments.

Matzah Napkins

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Setting the Passover table with matzah napkins is a classic way to add a whimsical touch to your table decor. Depending on the type of seder you plan on having this year, you can get some disposable paper napkins that will allow for easy cleanup, or hand-sewn cloth napkins suitable for the washing machine. There are some polyester cloth napkins sold on Amazon, but if you would like to support a small business, the Etsy store CreativelyPam sells some beautiful fabric napkins made from 100% cotton. Matzah napkins are just one of my matzah accent pieces that you can include in your Passover table decorations.

Frog Straws

Add a pop of color to your Passover seder table with these fun frog straws. It’s a perfect accessory for the guest’s water glasses; after all, we do need to pace ourselves with our four cups of wine. If your Passover table settings are extremely sophisticated, they are beautiful glass straws available and then there are some funny twisty frog straws that would undoubtedly please your guests. You could also purchase these frog straws exclusively for the children’s drinks.

Matzah Flower Vase

Build a beautiful DIY flower vase made of matzah for your Passover seder table. It’s completely free to construct, and it’s a tasteful piece of Passover table decor. All you’ll need is a hot glue gun, a flower vase, and matzah to create this decor piece. Measure out your matzah so that it fits around the vase and hot glue the sides of the matzah together so that it surrounds the vase. Place some festive flowers in your homemade matzah vase; your seder guests will love the look!

Passover Wine Bottle Labels

There are a couple of Etsy sellers – TheRitzyRose is probably my favorite – who create custom Passover wine labels with funny Jewish sayings for your Kosher for Passover wine. I’m sure your guests will get a kick out of them. The labels are printed and shipped directly to you, so you don’t have to go out and purchase blank labels and digitally print them yourself. My personal favorite is PASS that wine OVER. Its such an obvious joke to make, that it’s just so good.

Passover Reclining Pillow/Pillow Cover

On all nights we eat sitting upright or reclining, and on this night we all recline! Have all of your guests and/or the seder leader recline in style with his or her own Passover matzah pillow or embroidered pillow cover. The Etsy store ThreeGenerations1 sells pillow covers that you can customize with your own family’s name embroidered on the front of the pillow. I also love the matzah pillow sold by the Etsy store GoodVibesByAnnieWood. If you are doing the matzah flower case and matzah napkins, the matzah Passover pillow is another great accent for your Passover table settings.

Passover Wine Stoppers

If you like the originals labels on your wine bottles but still want to accessorize your wine, fear not! Passover wine stoppers are a perfect, understated way to do so. It’s typical to find quite a few bottles on the Passover seder table — four cups of wine multiplied by the number of people at the seder equals a lot of wine — so it’s pretty much a guarantee that you will need a few wine stoppers for said bottles. Plus, it’s a great way to store your wine between the first night’s seder and the second night.

  1. Save Some for Elijah & Let Them Eat Cake Matzo
  2. Traditional Blessing Bottle Stopper
  3. Dancing Hasid Bottle Stopper

Passover Napkin Rings

There is a large selection of decorative napkin rings to choose from for your Passover seder. You have the option to digitally download paper napkin rings from Etsy like these fun famous faces of Passover starring Moses, Aaron, Miriam and Pharaoh. Or, you can choose from a variety of matzah-inspired napkin rings available. The Etsy store NapkinKnot has some beautiful options if you are going with a blue and white or neutral themed table setting.

Passover Tablecloths

Neutral Tones

If you would like to decorate your Passover table with neutrals, I recommend playing up the matzah-inspired accent pieces as well as the popular Passover “spring” theme so that you can include some greenery into your Passover table place settings. A sprig of greenery on a napkin, white florals, and perhaps a pop of blue just like this incredible seder table inspiration from Pinterest would make for a beautiful and trendy Pesach table.

  1. Joy Fabric Cotton Linen Tablecloth
  2. Bliss Collections Greenery Place Cards
  3. Benson Mills Textured Fabric Tablecloth
  4. Plasticpro 32 Piece Combo Plates Set
  5. Broderies de France Gold Hamsa Table Cloth
  6. Michael Aram Pomegranate 6 Compartment Plate
  7. Bernardaud Louvre Judaica Matzah Plate
  8. Embroidered Gold Hamsa Beige Linen Placemats and Napkins
  9. Spring Flowers Rustic Embroidered Matzah Cover

Blue and White Themed

Decorate your seder table in a blue and white theme, traditional Jewish colors and the colors on the Israeli flag. Not only is it festive, but you will be able to reuse some of these Passover centerpieces for other Jewish holiday table settings like Hanukkah and break the fast for Yom Kippur. The blue and white pieces above were mainly inspired by the blue and white Passover table settings saved to my Passover Pinterest board.

  1. Spode Judaica Passover Matzoh Plate
  2. Spode Judaica Kiddush Cup
  3. Spode Judaica Seder Plate
  4. DII 100% Polyester, Oversized Embroidered Star of David Napkins
  5. Broderies de France Blue Hamsa Tablecloth, Cotton Linen Blend Material
  6. DII Star of David Tabletop Collection, Placemat

Red Sea Inspired Tablecloths

The Passover tablecloth from Broderies de France is probably the most beautiful I have ever seen; it’s absolutely mesmerizing. If you purchase this tablecloth or table runner for your Passover table decorations, you don’t really need much else since this will undoubtedly be the focal piece of the table. You can read more reviews on the Etsy listing, but the price point on Amazon seems to be better. You can also create a more affordable Red Sea setting by purchasing a blue tablecloth like the other examples shown above and adding a burlap or sand-colored table runner to complete the look.

  1. Broderies de France Split the Sea Passover Table Cloth
  2. Obstal Rectangle Table Cloth Navy Blue
  3. Ambesonne Navy Blue Tablecloth, Themed School of Fish 

Passover Table Runners

Neutral Tones & Red Sea Table Runners

  1. Letjolt Splicing Burlap Table Runner
  2. Solino Home 100% Pure Linen Hemstitch Table Runner
  3. Broderies de France Split The Sea Passover Table Runner 

Blue and White Themed Table Runners

  1. Hampton’s Style Linen Table Runner
  2. Chilewich Weave Table Runner
  3. AlexanderTaPearl Toile Blue Runner

What are your favorite Passover table decorations? Let us know in the comments below! And, if you are looking for more Passover content, make sure to check out these other BMA blog posts.

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