Passover Zoom Backgrounds

Awesome Passover Zoom Backgrounds for Your Virtual Seder

Spice Up Your Seder with a Passover Zoom Background

If you are hosting or participating in a virtual seder this year, you’ll probably want to do so in style. Digitally decorating your Zoom account with a festive Passover background will no doubt bring a smile to the faces of your virtual seder companions. Just choose your favorite(s) from any of the Passover Zoom backgrounds I created for you below and download to your computer!

How Do You Add a Background to Your Zoom Live Video?

Click the download button to save your favorite backgrounds to your computer and then install them on Zoom. Simply start a new meeting, click the tiny “up arrow” next to the Start Video button on the bottom left of your screen, and press the “plus sign” directly across from Choose Virtual Background. Then you can add the image by going into your downloads and selecting the Passover Zoom background that you chose to download. All of the B’nai Mitzvah Academy Passover Zoom backgrounds are 1980 x 1020 pixels which is the size recommended by Zoom. If you need further instructions, you can read up on how to add your virtual background directly from the Zoom website.

How to Add Your Virtual Passover Zoom Background

Which of these Passover Zoom Backgrounds will you choose?

Frogs Are Jumping Everywhere Passover Zoom Background
If you choose the video option, your frogs will jump every 5 seconds during your Zoom call. You should follow all of the same steps; however, when you click the “plus sign” choose Add Video instead of Add Image.
Pesach Matzah Zoom Background
Moses Crossing the Red Sea
Four Cups of Wine Passover Zoom Background
Israelites in the Desert Passover Zoom Background
Pesach Seder Table
Next Year in Jerusalem! virtual Passover background
Matzah Pizza
Matzah Pizza Full Size

Have any fun Passover Zoom background ideas? Let me know in the comments below and I will try my best to create them for you before Pesach this year! And, if you are looking for more Passover content, make sure to check out these other BMA blog posts!

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