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Sukkah Kits Review: Which is Best to Build a Sukkah?

Build a Beautiful Sukkah With One of These Awesome Sukkah Kits

Growing up, my family always built a sukkah and I have such fond memories of the tradition. As a little kid, being able to actively participate with the sukkah decorating makes the activity that much more memorable and having friends and family over to dine together in your own creation is such a positive experience. It was certainly quite an undertaking for the adults of the family though as my parents built our sukkah from scratch. Luckily, sukkah kits have changed the game. These kits make it much easier to assemble a sukkah and will save you hours of frustration. Seriously, some of these kits can be built in under 30 minutes. Which ones? Let’s get into our sukkah kits reviews and see which is right for you.

sukkah kits

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Sukkah Kits

The Sukkah Spot Sukkah Kit

It’s probably the best sukkah kit on the market in terms of quality and affordability, so if the Sukkah Spot has your size available, go for it. The Sukkah Spot’s kits are easy to assemble, come with quality parts, and don’t require any tools to build. Although, you could use a tool to tighten the screws for maximum stability and you will probably need a ladder to assemble the top. The poles for the frame are galvanized metal, not aluminum, and the rods and connectors are sturdy. The wall tarps are made of a durable, thick plastic. 

The Sukkah Spot also has a convenient solution to any potential storage problem by keeping all parts under 5 feet long. 

Sukkah kits come in the following sizes: 

  • 8×8 sukkah: seats 4-6 People
  • 8×10 sukkah: seats 7-10 People
  • 10×10 sukkah: seats 8-12 People
  • 10×15 sukkah: seats 12-16 People
  • 10×20 sukkah: seats 18-22 People

Should any of the parts in your sukkah kit be missing, reach out to The Sukkah Spot as they are known for having great customer service. 

Schach is not included with the sukkah kit, but you can purchase a bamboo mat from The Sukkah Spot for the top of the sukkah too.

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Mitzvahland Easy Compact Sukkah Kits

Mitzvahland carries its own line of sukkah kits known as the Easy Compact Sukkah. There are a larger variety of sizes available and pricing is more or less comparable to The Sukkah Spot’s kits. The frame is made of aluminum and the sukkah walls of white plastic. According to Mitzvahland, the height of the 8×10 sukkah is about 90 inches so there should be plenty of ceiling room and a ladder will be needed to assemble to schach. The entire kit fits into a 5 foot box so you can easily store in your garage or shed for next year’s holiday. The kit is meant to be built in under an hour and without the use of tools; realistically however, you might need a couple of people to put this sukkah together.

Sukkah kits come in a large variety of sizes and can be purchased on Amazon or direct through their website: 

  • 5×10 sukkah: seats 5 People
  • 8×10 sukkah: seats 10-14 People
  • 10×10 sukkah: seats 10-14 People
  • 8×15 sukkah: seats 15-20 People
  • 10×15 sukkah: seats 15-20 People
  • 15×15 sukkah: seats 30-35 People
  • 20×20 sukkah: seats 50-60 People

The schach bamboo mat from Mitzvahland is not included with the sukkah kit but is sold separately.

Sieger Sukkah Snap Button Sukkah Kit

The year was 1994, and Ron Sieger unintentionally started what is now, Sieger Sukkah. After struggling to find a sukkah available for purchase that would fit his outdoor space, Sieger decided to build his own. Friends that visited his sukkah for Sukkot asked if they could purchase a sukkah from him and by the power of word of mouth, Sieger Sukkah began shipping their sukkah kits across North America just three years later in 1997.

Each of the sukkahs stand at 8 feet tall. The kits include tarps, bungee cords, connectors, and metal poles. Each of the metal poles have snap buttons. You’ll attach the white tarps to the poles by placing bungee cords through predetermined holes in the tarps to secure. These are reinforced with grommets to prevent the tarp from ripping.  While this sukkah is quite simple to put together, the frame is lightweight and you will most likely need to weigh this sukkah down with sandbags or other heavy items. You can purchase on Amazon, pick up at Ron Sieger’s home in Los Angeles, or purchase direct through his website and you will get free shipping if you spend over $295.

Sieger Sukkah kits come in the following sizes:

  • 6′ x 6′ sukkah: seats up to 6 people
  • 6′ x 10′ sukkah: seats up to 8 people
  • 10′ x 10′ sukkah: seats up to 12 people
  • 10′ x 12′ sukkah: seats up to 14 people
  • 10′ x 16′ sukkah: seats up to 18 people
  • 10′ x 20′ sukkah: seats up to 22 people

The sukkah roof schach and sukkah storage bag ($65) are sold separately.

Sukkah Depot

The sukkahs from Sukkah Depot look a little different from the rest on this list. That’s because Sukkah Depot uses a canvas to wrap around the structure as opposed to a white tarp. The good news is that the canvas is made of a strong material that won’t tear. It’s also better for colder climates as the triple-layered windows keep out insects and cold air. The bad news is that these sukkahs are a little pricier. All of the sukkahs come in a two-tone color combination and there are a large variety of sizes. It’s easy to assemble and when constructed, the poles will be 7 feet high. You can choose whether to include the schach mat with your purchase.

Sukkah Depot’s kits come in the following sizes: 4×6, 6×8, 8×10, 8×12, 10×12, 10×16, 12×20

  • Classic Sukkah: 2- tone color scheme – green and white. The poles are 7 feet high.
  • Royal Sukkah: 3-tone color scheme – dark blue, light blue, and white and blue. The poles are 7.5 feet high.
  • Premium Sukkah: 3-tone color scheme, a super size window, and decorative tassels across the top. The poles are 8 feet high.
  • The New Panel Sukkah: This option is custom.

Pop Up Sukkahs

There are a couple of pop up sukkah kits on the market. The first is a great travel sukkah and the latter is a fun alternative for kids to play in should you not plan on building a sukkah at your home this year.

Fold N Go Travel Sukkah with Bamboo Mat Schach

Pop Up Sukkah for Kids

P.S. Don’t forget your 100% kosher certified lulav and etrog set! These sets are typically in stock seasonally and are traditionally shipped after Rosh Hashanah.

Which of these sukkah kits have served you well over the years ? Let us know in the comments below! And, don’t forget to check out these other posts on the BMA blog:

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