Prepare for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah with free online resources.

What We Do

B’nai Mitzvah Academy is an innovative space for online learning that offers engaging private lessons for students to read Hebrew, chant prayers, and master their Torah portions.

We specialize in helping students who need additional instruction, wish to accelerate their learning or those who live in areas with limited synagogue resources.

Hebrew Online Learning
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bar mitzvah service

In Lesson 1, we are going to learn 3 letters and the 3 types of “ah” vowels.

We spin the dreidel — a four-sided spinning top –on Hanukkah in Lesson 2.

Learning to read Hebrew isn’t too difficult, but one challenging aspect is that many letters look remarkably similar to one another. We face this problem head on in Lesson 3.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Blessings

Listen to our audio of the required Bar and Bat Mitzvah prayers and learn to chant the blessings using the Hebrew text.

Private Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

Self Study

For learners who prefer to work independently, we will provide you with an audio file of your student’s Torah portion. You will also receive a print version of the Torah text with helpful markings to indicate the chant melody.

Private Lessons

We provide one-one-one weekly tutoring for students at all levels, working together with families to identify a personalized and pain-free study plan. Our goal is for every student to feel knowledgable, prepared, and confident.