B’nai Mitzvah Academy teaches students to read Hebrew, chant blessings, and learn their Torah portion for Bar or Bat Mitzvah. We serve a variety of students, including those that may be struggling with Hebrew, advanced learners who wish to study at an accelerated pace, and students who do not have the opportunity to attend weekly religious school. We also instruct adults who may not have studied Hebrew and are interested in learning to read and chant Hebrew prayers.

Our website offers many free resources to enable students to learn to read Hebrew and chant all of the required prayers for a Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Our 10 free Hebrew lessons teach you everything you need to know; we’ve created our own inventive curriculum that is easy to understand and moves quickly in a logical manner. 

B’nai Mitzvah Academy also offers private, weekly tutoring sessions via Zoom as a complement to synagogue instruction. Whether your student is starting basic Hebrew or is advanced and needs help with their Torah portion, we provide a personalized course of study based on a student’s ability. We work with each family to determine the best strategy to make our learners feel confident with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah blessings and Torah portions. 

An important note: both this site and my tutoring services are not meant to be a replacement for synagogue membership. In fact, we believe strongly that belonging to a synagogue is incredibly important. Speaking from personal experience, the benefit of having your synagogue community join you in simchas and mourn with you in times of grief is invaluable. 

Unfortunately, synagogue membership has been dwindling in recent years as families realign their priorities from both a cost and time perspective. If cost is a factor, please speak to your local synagogue to see if they offer reduced membership contributions. Most do. B’nai Mitzvah Academy does not plan Bar/Bat Mitzvah services.