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Hebrew Workbook PDF Download + Answer Key

We’ve all had that Hebrew teacher who starts class by asking students to open up their Hebrew workbook and do that chapter’s exercises for the hour of class-time. And this isn’t just a one-off. Week after week, chapter after chapter, we draw 50 letter DALETs or VAVs over and over again.

When I became a teacher, I made the decision to forgo the Hebrew workbook and create my own curriculum that would be much more engaging. That curriculum is now on this website, so go ahead and click on Hebrew Lessons to start learning to read Hebrew.

While the students were actively engaged in the lessons, they did need additional reading practice each week to really solidify what we were learning both on the white board and through verbal communication. You could learn that a vowel that has a horizontal line apart of it has to be an AH VOWEL, but if you don’t put this into practice, it won’t necessarily stick in your brain.

So, for each of the 10 Hebrew lessons in the curriculum, I created one workbook page — just one — that is challenging, but not at all busy work. Each activity is chosen for a specific reason and every “word” was intentionally picked to test and teach the students. Word is in quotes because most of the words in the workbook aren’t actually Hebrew words; they are made up words that I created to better test important points. Answer sheets are also included for each lesson so that you can check your work.

What will you find inside the Hebrew workbook? There is a cover page, two pages of copyright disclaimers and notes about the book, a copy of the handwritten Hebrew alphabet, 11 pages of exercises, and 11 answer sheets. You can learn more about the workbook below. Feel free to email B’nai Mitzvah Academy with any questions that you have.

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