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Hebrew Boy Names & Meanings: A HUGE List

Hebrew Boy Names and Meanings for Jewish Babies

There are a couple of reasons why you might be looking to choose a Hebrew boy name for your baby. You might like his given name to be a Hebrew name. If so, there are some beautiful Hebrew boy names and meaning below to consider. Or, you might be choosing a Jewish baby name in preparation for your boy’s bris.

The bris (brit milah in Hebrew) takes place on the eighth day after a baby boy is born. Depending on which movement you belong to — reform, conservative, orthodox, or reconstructionist — the bris typically occurs in a synagogue during the morning service (orthodox) or at the home of the baby’s parents or grandparents during the daytime.

During the bris, a mohel typically performs the circumcision with the child held by the grandparent or other honored guest. The mohel then says the blessing over the wine and gives the baby boy his Hebrew name. Oftentimes, the baby boy’s parents will explain how they chose their child’s Hebrew name. It is usually quite an emotional moment as it is common for Jewish parent’s to name their children after someone special who has died. The parent’s tend to speak about the person and what qualities that person had that they hope their son will grow to embody.

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Hebrew Names for Boys

Below are a variety of boys Hebrew names categorized by their first letter.


AdiMeaning: jewel, ornament עדִי
AdirMeaning: great, mighty, powerful אַדִיר
AharonMeaning: light, enlightening  אַהֲרֹן
AlmogMeaning: coral אַלְמוֹג
AlonMeaning: oak treeאַלּוֹן
AmiMeaning: my nationעָמִי
AmielMeaning: God of my peopleעַמִּיאֵל
AmirMeaning: treetopאָמִיר
AmitMeaning: friend  עָמִית
Ari/ArielMeaning: lionאֲרִי
Arik/ArielMeaning: lion of Godאָרִיק/אֲרִיאֵל
AsafMeaning: gatherאָסַף
Avi/AviadMeaning: my fatherאֲבִי/אֲבִיעַד
AvivMeaning: springאֲבִיב
AyalMeaning: deer, stag, strength, might אַיָּל


BarMeaning: grain, corn בַּר
BarakMeaning: lightningבָּרָק
Ben/Benjamin/BennyMeaning: sonבִּנְיָמִין
BoazMeaning: swift, strength בֹּעַז


Chayim (Haim)Meaning: life חַיִּים
Chen (Hen)Meaning: beauty, charm, graceחֵן


Dan/DanielMeaning: judgement  דָּן
Dor/DoronMeaning: giftדּוֹרוֹן
DovMeaning: bear דֹב
DrorMeaning: freedomדְּרוֹר
DvirMeaning: sanctuaryדְּבִיר


Efraim (Effi)Meaning: fruitful אֶפְרָיִם
EilonMeaning: oak treeאֵילוֹן
EitanMeaning: strongאֵיתָן
EladMeaning: God is eternalאֶלְעָד
EliMeaning: my Godאֵלִי
EranMeaning: vigilantעֵירָן
ErezMeaning: cedarאֶרֶז
EshedMeaning: waterfallאֶשֶׁד
EtgarMeaning: challengeאֶתְגָּר
EvyatarMeaning: God is greatאֶבְיָתָר
EyalMeaning: deer, stag, strength, mightאֱיָל
EzraMeaning: help עֶזְרָא


GadMeaning: fortune גָּד
GalMeaning: waveגַּל
Gideon/GidonMeaning: mighty warriorגִּדְעוֹן
GilMeaning: joy גִּיל
Gilad/GileadMeaning: hill of testimony גִּלְעָד
GuyMeaning: valley גַּיְא


HerschelMeaning: little deer הֶערשֶׁעל
HaggaiMeaning: festiveחַגַּי
Hezekiah (Hezy)Meaning: God strengthensחזקיה


Idan (Ido)Meaning: era עִדָּן
IlanMeaning: tree אִילָן
ItamarMeaning: palm islandאִיתָמָר
Itai/ItayMeaning: friendlyאִיתַי
ItzikMeaning: laughterאִיצִיק


KfirMeaning: young lion כְּפִיר
Kobi/KobeVariant of Jacobקובי


LevMeaning: heart לֵב
Leedor (Lidor)Meaning: my generationלִידוֹר
LiorMeaning: my lightלִיאוֹר
Liran/LironMeaning: my song, my joyלִירוֹן
LotemMeaning: bush of golden flowersלֹטֶם


MaorMeaning: light, luminary מָאוֹר
MatanMeaning: giftמַתָּן
MeirMeaning: the one who illuminatesמֵאִיר
MenachemMeaning: comfort מְנַחֵם
Miki/Mika/MichaMeaning: Who is like Godמִיכָה
Moshe/Moishe/MosesMeaning: drawn out of waterמֹיישָׁע


NachumMeaning: comforter נַחוּם
NadavMeaning: generous, nobleנָדָב
NaphtaliMeaning: wrestlingנַפְתָלִי
Natan (Nathan)Meaning: giveנָתָן
NechemiahMeaning: comforted by Godנְחֶמְיָה
NirMeaning: plowed fieldנִיר
NivMeaning: expressionנִיב
Noach (Noah)Meaning: comfortנֹחַ
NoamMeaning: pleasantnessנוֹעַם
NoyMeaning: grace נוֹי


OdedMeaning: restore  עֹדֵד
OfekMeaning: horizonאֹפֶק
Ofir/OphirMeaning: goldאוֹפִיר
OmriMeaning: sheaf of grainעָמְרִי
OrMeaning: lightאוֹר
OrenMeaning: pine tree אֹרֶן
OriMeaning: my lightאוֹרִי


Ran (Ron)Meaning: joyful, filled with song רַן
Roi (Roy)Meaning: my watcherרוֹעִי
RonenMeaning: song, prayer רוֹנֵן
RotemMeaning: desert plantרֹתֶם


SagiMeaning: enough, great סַגִּי
Sam/Samuel/ShmuelMeaning: God has heardשְׁמוּאֵל
Saul (Shaul)Meaning: asked for שָׁאוּל


Shachar/ShaharMeaning: dawn שַׁחַר
ShaiMeaning: gift, present שַׁי
ShiranMeaning: joyous song שִׁירָן
Shlomo/ShlomiMeaning: peaceשְׁלוֹמִי


TalMeaning: dew טַל
TomMeaning: innocence, honestyתּוֹם
TomerMeaning: palm treeתּוֹמֶר


TzurielMeaning: God is my rock צוּרִיאֵל
TzviMeaning: deerצְבִי


Uri/UrielMeaning: my light  אוּרִי


YahavMeaning: hope יָהַב
YahelMeaning: to shineיָהֵל
YairMeaning: reveal, enlightenיָאִיר
YanivMeaning: to yield, produceיָנִיב
Yehonatan (Jonathan)Meaning: God has givenיְהוֹנָתָן
Yehuda (Judah)Meaning: praisedיְהוּדָה
YoavMeaning: God is the father יוֹאָב
Yonatan (Yoni)Meaning: God has given יוֹנָתָן
Yonah (Yona)Meaning: doveיוֹנָה
Yosef (Joseph)/YossiMeaning: increase יוֹסֵף
YotamMeaning: God is perfectיוֹתָם
YuvalMeaning: streamיוּבָל


ZivMeaning: light, glow זִיו
ZoharMeaning: light, radianceזֹהַר

Did you find any Hebrew boy names that resonated with you? Do you have a favorite name that I have not included that you think should be added to the list? Please let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our post with a full list of Hebrew Girl Names as well!

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