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Hebrew Girl Names & Meanings: A HUGE List

Hebrew Girl Names and Meanings

There are typically two main reasons someone is looking for a list of Hebrew girl names. You might be pregnant, mulling over the difficult decision of what to name your child, and would like to give your baby girl a Hebrew name. There are so many beautiful Hebrew names to choose from. Or, perhaps you have already named your daughter, but are looking to choose a Hebrew name for her too. Just as baby boys have a bris at eight days old, it has become common practice to have a B’rit Bat or a B’rit Chayim, a ceremony celebrating the birth of a baby girl and her entry into the covenant of the Jewish people. Namings for girls can be done at any time, although they are typically done in the first few weeks of the girl’s life.

Jewish girl names

Why are Jewish girls given Hebrew names?

A Hebrew name is used at life cycle events throughout a Jewish person’s life. Two of the most prominent times a Hebrew name for girls is used is at her Bat Mitzvah and wedding. During a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the boy or girl is called up to the Torah for the first time by his or her Hebrew name. At a Jewish wedding, the couple signs their Hebrew names on the Ketubah, the Jewish marriage contract.

How is a Hebrew names chosen?

Many times a Hebrew name is chosen to honor a deceased family member. If you would like to recognize a person in that way, it is common to pick the girl’s Hebrew name from names beginning with the first letter of the name of the person you are honoring. That is why I have categorized these female names in Hebrew by the first letter.

A Jewish girl can also have a Hebrew name based on her given name. Be inspired by your English name and select a Hebrew name based on the initial letter or sound of it.

There is also no rule where you have to choose a name based on some personal connection. If there is Hebrew girl name that is really calling out to you, then that name is the right one for you. And you don’t need to select just one name. It is very common to choose two or possibly even three.

Psst: If you are looking for Hebrew names for boys, I got you covered with another long list of names and meanings.

Hebrew Names for Girls


AdiMeaning: jewel or ornament עֲדִי
AdinaMeaning: delicate or gentleעֲדִינָה
AdvaMeaning: small wave, rippleאַדְוָה
AlizaMeaning: merry or cheerfulעַלִּיזָה
AlonaMeaning: oak treeאַלּוֹנָה
AnatMeaning: answerעַנָת
AnnaMeaning: to answer (lit.); graciousעָנָה
Ariel/ArielaMeaning: lionessאֲרִיאֵלָה
Avigail/AbigailMeaning: father’s joyאֲבִיגַיִל
AvivaMeaning: springאֲבִיבָה
AyeletMeaning: deerאַיֶלֶת


Bar Meaning: grain, corn בַּר
BatyaMeaning: daughter of Godבַּתְיָה


Chen Meaning: charm, grace, beauty חֵן


DafnaMeaning: laurel דַּפְנָה
Dalia/DalyaMeaning: branch דָּליָּה
Dana/DanitMeaning: to judgeדָּנָה
DanielaMeaning: God is my judgeדָּנִיֵּאלָה
Deborah/DevorahMeaning: beeדְּבוֹרָה
DiklaMeaning: palm treeדִּקְלָה
Dina/DenaMeaning: judgementדִּינָה
Dor/DoritMeaning: generationדּוֹרִית


EdenMeaning: pleasure עֵדֶן
EfratMeaning: fruitful (related)אֶפְרָת
EinatMeaning: fountainעֵינַת
Elana/IlanaMeaning: oak treeאִילָנָה
Eli/EllieMeaning: my godאֵלִי
ElishevaMeaning: pledged to Godאֱלִישֶׁבַע
Esti (Esther) The heroine in the Book of Esther.אֶסְתֵר


Gal/GalitMeaning: wave גַּל
Gili Meaning: my joyגִילִי


HadarMeaning: glory הָדָר
Hadas/HadassahMeaning: myrtleהֲדַס
Hannah/HanaMeaning: graciousחַנָה
HarelMeaning: mountain of Godהַרְאֵל
HilaMeaning: praiseהִלָּה
HodayaMeaning: thanking Godהוֹדָיָה


IditMeaning: choicest, best עִדִּית
Ifat (Yifat)Meaning: splendorיִפְעַת
IlanaMeaning: oak treeאִילָנָה
InbarMeaning: amberעִנְבָּר
IritMeaning: daffodilעִירִית


Karin/KerenMeaning: ray of light קֶרֶן
KineretMeaning: sea of galileeכִּנֶּרֶת


LeahMeaning: delicate לֵאָה
LevanaMeaning: the moonלְבָנָה
LiatMeaning: you are for meלִיאַת
Lila/Lilah/LeilaMeaning: nightלַיְלָה
LimorMeaning: myrrh (resin)לִימוֹר
LinoyMeaning: my beautyלִינוֹי
Lior/Leor/LioraMeaning: lightלִיאוֹר
Lital Meaning: my dewלִיטַל


MaayanMeaning: spring of water מַעֲיָן
MalkaMeaning: queen מַלְכָּה
MayaMeaning: springמַאיָה
MayimMeaning: waterמָיִּם
MeiravMeaning: abundantמֵרַב
MichalMeaning: who is like Godמִיכַל
Miri or MiriamMeaning: rising waterמִרְיָם
Mor/Moran/MorinMeaning: myrrhמוֹר


Naama/NaomiMeaning: pleasant נַעֲמָה
NetaMeaning: plantנֶטַע
NoaMeaning: movement נֹעָה
Nurit/NiritMeaning: flowerנוּרִית


Or/OraMeaning: light אוֹר
OrelMeaning: light of Godאוֹרְאֵל
OritMeaning: lightאוֹרִית
Orly/OrliMeaning: my lightאוֹרְלִי
OrnaMeaning: pine tree אָרְנָה
OrtalMeaning: morning dewאוֹרְטַל


Penina/PninaMeaning: pearl פְּנִנָּה


RachelOne of the four matriarchs רָחֵל
ReutMeaning: friendshipרְעוּת
RevitalMeaning: full of dewרְוִיטַל
Rivka (Rebecca)One of the four matriarchs רִבְקָה
RonitMeaning: joyful songרוֹנִית
Rotem Meaning: desert plant רֹתֶם


Sapir/SapiraMeaning: Sapphire סַפִירָה
Sara/Sarah/Sari/SaritOne of the four matriarchs שָׂרָה
Sigal/Sigalit   Meaning: Violetסִיגָלִית
SivanMeaning: 9th month in the Jewish calendarסִיוָן


Shani/ShanaMeaning: year, lily  שָׁנִי
Sharon/SharonaMeaning: a place in Israelשָׁרוֹנָה
ShaynaMeaning: beautifulשֵׁײנָא
Shir/ShiraMeaning: songשִׁירָה
Shosh/ShoshanaMeaning: roseשׁוֹשַׁנָּה
Shuli/Shuly/ShulamitMeaning: peacefulשׁוּלַמִּית


Tal/Tali/TaliaMeaning: dew  טַל
TamarMeaning: date, palm treeתָּמָר
TehilaMeaning: praiseתְּהִלָּה
ToharMeaning: pureטֹהַר
TovaMeaning: goodטוֹבָה


Tsipi/Tzipora/TziporrahMeaning: bird צִפּוֹרָה


VeredMeaning: rose וֶרֶד


YaaraMeaning: ? יַעֲרָה
YaelMeaning: doe, to ascendיָעֵל
Yaffa/Yafit/YifatMeaning: beautifulיָפָה
YochevedMeaning: God’s gloryיוֹכֶבֶד


ZahavaMeaning: gold זֶהָבָה

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