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Bring These Amazing Passover Hostess Gifts to Your Seder

13 Appropriate Passover Gifts for the Host at Your Seder

If you’re attending a Passover seder and want to bring a gift, you’re in luck! We’ve curated a list of some fantastic Passover hostess gifts for you to choose from. These items will enhance the seder experience and show your host just how much you appreciate the time and effort they put into preparing the Passover seder meal. Afterall, Passover isn’t the easiest Jewish holiday to organize.

You’ll notice I don’t include ritual items like seder plates and Elijah’s cup in this list. That’s because most hosts only need one seder plate, one matzah, one afikomen cover, and one Elijah’s cup. Chances are that the host will open up her gifts after the seder is finished, so he or she will already have those items on the seder table. Furthermore, because a seder host will typically only have one of those items, these purchases are generally well thought out and purchased with the intention of be used annually. So, unless you’ve heard directly from the host that they want one of those items, I would recommend gifting an accessory to those items instead.

There are a few caveats to this however. For example, if this is a seder host’s first Passover, then he or she might enjoy receiving a ritual item to use annually for future seders!

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Kosher Wine

A lot of Kosher for Passover wine is poured during the seder. The seder participants are supposed to drink four cups and then there is the wine for Elijah and Miriam’s cup to account for too. So, if you decide to bring kosher wine as a Passover hostess gift, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the wine will not go to waste. Consequently, it’s a perfectly practical gift and kind gesture.

Matzah/ Passover Oven Mitts

Passover is a complicated holiday for the host of the seder. There are a couple of courses before the festive meal — gefilte fish and matzo ball soup — and then there are all the ritual items that need to be tended to like making sure you have all of the seder plate items. Needless to say, the host will be cooking and preparing a lot of food and would love to receive some festive oven mitts to help assist in that process.

Mrs. Maisel Manischewitz Macaroons

If your host has a sweet tooth, he or she will have probably stocked up on some macaroons for the week of Passover, but it’s pretty unlikely that your host purchased this festive and fun macaroons from Manischewitz with a Mrs. Maisel theme. The tin is just adorable and is sure to make your host smile. And the macaroons sure don’t hurt either.

Wood Cutting Board

This wooden cutting board would be such a tasteful hostess gift for Passover. There is so much cooking involved when it comes to the seder, that the host will undoubtedly need to use this special piece during the preparation process. There are two sizes of the cutting board available — 11.5”x5.5” or 15″x7″ — and the board is made from high quality bamboo with a laser etched matzah design.

Marzipan Matzah Lollipops

These marzipan lollipops are simply adorable. They remind me of the beautiful marzipan found in the stalls of the La Boqueria market in Barcelona, Spain. The Etsy seller Marzipops handcrafts the most beautiful marzipan treats from pure cane sugar and ground California almonds. Please note that these do contain tree nuts!

Marzipops has created so many different Passover designs so you can choose from frog themed lollipops, matzah lollipops, or purchase lollipops handdrawn drawn with all of the ten plagues. She even does some fun assortments so you can mix and match the different styles.

Wine Aerator

We’ve mentioned quite a few times by now just how much wine we drink during the Passover seder. So, a wine aerator would be the perfect Passover hostess gift to enhance the flavor and aroma of the wine you will be drinking during the seder.


Flowers are a tried and true hostess gift and not one to be overlooked. They would be a beautiful addition to the Passover seder table and therefore a great hostess gift for the holiday.

Matzah Madness Dark Chocolate with Toffee

Read a few of the stellar reviews and you won’t have to look any further for a Passover hostess gift. Addicting is probably the word most commonly used to describe the matzah deliciousness made by OMGSnacks. It’s gluten free matzah topped with a variety of flavors. One of the popular options is matzah topped with buttery toffee and covered with dark chocolate and toffee pieces. And the best part is that it is kosher for Passover!

Personalized Passover Pillow Cover

The leader of the Passover seder will feel extra special with this personalized Passover pillow cover. The Etsy store ThreeGenerations1 makes a couple of different styles, but all can be personalized with the family name. You can choose from the “On This Night We Recline” style or “Happy Passover.” The pillow covers are made from 100% European linen and can be machine washed on cold.

Passover Apron

Manischewitz Scented Candle

This Etsy shop hits it out of the park with their selection of scented candles reminiscent of the Jewish holidays. I am particularly partial to the Mansichewitz Scented Candle because I am obsessed with Manischewitz wine. That is a very polarizing statement; I am aware. The store also sells a Macaroon scented candle so there are other Passover scents as well, and there are also some more generic scents like Pomegranate, Honey, and Fig that are great options too.

Passover Tea Towel

With a lot of cooking comes a lot of cleaning and a great need for festive tea towels. Not only does this gift add a decorative touch to the host’s home, but it is certainly a practical gift as well. There are some beautiful designs to choose from.

Nefesh Mountain CD

Nefesh Mountain is a bluegrass band that combines bluegrass with Jewish musical styles. The husband and wife team are the principal vocalists, but there are a couple of other members as well to round out the sound. They are quite popular in the Jewish world, but still obscure enough where your seder host probably won’t already own their CD. This might just be my favorite Passover gift on the list; it’s a unique idea and the band is incredible so your host is sure to enjoy the music.

Which Passover hostess gifts will you bring to your upcoming seder? Let us know in the comments below! And, if you are looking for more Passover content, make sure to check out these other BMA blog posts.

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