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Kate Spade Seder Plate Review: Should You Purchase?

Kate Spade Seder Plate: The Perfect Passover Centerpiece

Passover is not only a major Jewish holiday, but it’s quite a social one at that. You invite your friends and family over for seder, but you are also commanded to welcome the stranger, for we were once strangers in the land of Egypt. Consequently, if you are the one hosting the first or second night of Passover at your home, it is likely that you will have a large crowd sitting around a long table or two. And, the focal point or centerpiece of that table is the seder plate.

While you may only use a seder plate once or twice in a year, you will use it on an annual basis, so you should invest in a seder plate that you love. And, the Kate Spade Oak Street Seder Plate is the statement piece that you have been looking for. It is incredibly chic, simply perfect for a seder dinner. The white porcelain plate itself is beautiful in its simplicity. But, then it is contrasted by the bold, bright colors of the bowls which, when combined, makes the Kate Spade seder plate an elegant masterpiece. It would also make an absolutely beautiful wedding gift for a Jewish couple. 

Oak Street 7-Pc. Judaica Seder Plate & Bowl Set

Materials, Details, and Features

The Kate Spade seder plate is made of porcelain. The plate itself is 13 inches and comes with six bowls which holds the six items that symbolizes parts of the Passover story. Each bowl is 3 inches in diameter and each has its own unique color. The colors do vary by year. In the past, the six bowls came in grey, white, green, mauve, deep blue, and red. The bowls have both the Hebrew and English name of the item that goes in each small plate. This particular plate does not allocate space for an orange, so if that is your custom, please take that into account before purchasing.

While the seder plate is very high quality, it should always be hand washed and not used in the microwave.

The name of the item symbolized in each of the small plates are written in English and in Hebrew without vowels. Here is how each of the small plates are presented.

Haroseth חרוסת
Bitter Herbsמרור
Shank Boneזרוע

Where Can You Buy the Kate Spade Seder Plate?

Funny you should ask… the Kate Spade seder plates for Passover 2021 actually had a bit of a snafu. The plate was released mid-February, but the horseradish bowl actually had the Hebrew spelled incorrectly. Instead of a bowl of horseradish, the Hebrew said it was a bowl of freedom. There were about six one-star reviews highlighting the issue in just a couple of days, and the seder plate was removed from the website. So…you probably won’t be able to purchase the seder plate in 2021 unless you get one from year’s past on eBay. I will update this if they re-release the plate for 2021 before Passover begins on March 27th. The bowl colors this year were black, light purple, dark purple, pink, yellow, and navy blue. The plate also only cost $110 whereas in years past, it cost $150.

The Kate Spade seder plate is not always in stock year-round, so if you see it available, I would recommend purchasing. The plate is sold direct through the Kate Spade website as well as in department stores like Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and Amazon. Some online Judaica boutiques like Modern Tribe sell the seder plate as well. I recommend comparing shipping costs at the various retailers and whether or not a store like Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s is having a sale at the time of purchase. 

Purchase from Kate Spade | Bloomingdales | Macy’s | Amazon

There are a few pieces from the same Kate Spade Oak Street collection that actually are in stock. If you love the seder plate and want to add to your collection, you can still pick up the Oak Street menorah or the Oak Street candlestick set.

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