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The Perfect List of Sukkah Decorations Ideas for Sukkot

These Awesome Sukkah Decorations Ideas Will Get You Sukkot Party Ready

If you are ever in a room where the question is asked, “What’s your favorite Jewish holiday?” you’ll hear people say Passover or Hanukkah more often than not. And that’s a fair answer because those two holidays are pretty awesome. But, my response will always be Sukkot. Not only do we get to celebrate food and the harvest season, but we sit outside in nature in a sukkah every night for a week while entertaining people that we love, our friends and family. And since the sukkah will be our surrogate home for a week, let’s make it truly something with these beautiful sukkah decorations.

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sukkah decorations ideas

First off, you’ll need a 100% kosher certified lulav and etrog set to perform the waving ceremony with the Four Species for the Sukkot holiday. You can purchase ahead of time, but these sets are typically in stock seasonally and are traditionally shipped after Rosh Hashanah.

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Acrylic Terraneums

Hang these beautiful acrylic globes from the s’chach (palm fronds). I chose an acrylic option because I worry that the glass options could fall and break. This particular style comes with 130 feet of fishing line which will help with hanging them around the sukkah. Fill them with electric tea lights, we aren’t trying to start a fire, flowers, moss, or mini succulents.

Flower Wall

Add more greenery by arranging these artificial wisteria or ivy plants to hang down from the three walls of the sukkah. This will add some dimension and texture to the sukkah.

Sequin String Curtains

You’ll need to purchase hooks to hang these beautiful string curtains from the top of the sukkah, but when these catch the light at golden hour, your guests will be enamored by how beautiful your festival booth looks.

Pomegranate Centerpieces

As one of the seven species listed in the Torah in Deuteronomy, pomegranates are a mainstay in Jewish tradition so it makes perfect sense to incorporate this fruit into the decor for Sukkot, the fall harvest festival. Set these beautiful artificial pomegranate branches in a vase and you will have a stunning table centerpiece for the festive meal.

Round Paper Lanterns

Hang a beautiful array of lanterns from the s’chach above your sukkah table. When guests look up to see the stars through the palms, they’ll also catch a glimpse of your beautiful decor.

Traditional Sukkah Decorations Ideas

Judaica Unlimited 10-Piece Set of Assorted Sukkah Decorations

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for all of your sukkah decoration needs, this 10-piece set is really all you need. These pieces are festive, colorful, and well-made.

Paper Chains

Is a sukkah really ready for a sukkah party without some good, ol’ paper chains? If you’ve got pads of construction paper in your school supplies cabinet then you are good to go. But, if you have young children or are pressed for time, you can actually buy colored paper that has been pre-cut specifically to make paper chains with.

Hanging Fruit Sukkah Decorations

Celebrate the bountiful harvest season by hanging fake fruit all around your sukkah. The bold colors will make your sukkah pop!

Assorted Grapes Clusters

Perhaps the sweetest of the seven species, grapes or the fruit of the vine plays an integral role in Jewish traditions. These assorted clusters will add much beauty to your sukkah. There are also beautiful grape garlands lights available, but these can be difficult for outside use because they are battery operated and need to be plugged into an outlet.

If you would like to support small businesses, please check out some of the beautiful decorations for Sukkot on Etsy.

Are there any sukkah decorations ideas you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below! And, don’t forget to check out these other posts on the BMA blog:

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